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breaking news overnight in afghanistan, four nato soldiers are dead from what appears to be another insider attack carried out by an afghan police officer. investigators say nato forces were trying to stop an attack on a police check point, an afghan police officer then attacked them and ran off. >> that comes as they face a wave of violence spreading across the globe. good morning and welcome to news
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4 today. it is sunday, september 16th, we have a lot of news to get to, but we're waking up to a cool start this sunday. if you have plans, chuck belle is here with news for you. >> it's good news. we're still about seven inches behind in rainfall, but we could use a little drink. it is cooler in the suburbs now. 48 out to the west of the blue ridge, martinsberg. a little rain showing up on the radar. there are showers along the border. most of that is going eastbound. i think we will squeak out another generally dry day. you're traveling further down to
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the south and west and you may run into rain chances. warm and pleasant for most of the day, but clouds will be on the increase. highs today mid to upper 70s. could not rule out for you folks downs by charlottesville. i think most of us will have a nice try finish to the weekend. we'll talk about rainy days and mondays. all those old songs. >> okay, thanks. this morning, a new alert for some americans abroad in response todays of violence directed at the u.s. travel warnings have been giveen to americans in sudan, tunisia, and yemen. the president says there are at least 50 suspects identified in the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate. and the attack that killed the
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ambassadors in his country was meticulously planned and foreigners were involved. >> i have no doubt. >> libya's president also says police have arrested at least four people and police are on the hunt for other possible suspect ises. the property tests are not defined to the middle east, it's going all the way to australia. this is in sydney. as for the california machine that made that movie believes to have encited this anger is in hiding. he was dropped off at an undisclosed location. they say they don't know where he went after that. >> this morning, why some,
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initially thought be a hate crime, is just a vandalism spree. vandals shot out car windows with bb guns, some were parked at a local mosque. the volvo was shot at. >> even if someone attempted to target only muslims, they missed the mark. fwl four cars were vandalized setting off fears of a hate crime, but police say it appears to be random. about two dozen cars were shot up overnight. >> there is no evidence to believe this is a hate crime or specifically targeting one religious group. >> it's just a hateful act. >> after hearing about the
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vandalism, many members of the community, including leaders of christian churches, came to support the members of the mosque. >> a -- the community says they need to be vigilant. >> this community, muslim, buddhist, we all news to work together. >> they say they're taking additional security measures in this neighborhood. a man died after a car hit him in prince gorge's county. that happened in the 9400 politic of annapolis road.
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the police was shutdown but has reopened. the victim died at the hospital. as police continue to search for suspects -- >> the figure circle martial carts community had a demonstration. this was part of a fundraiser to help the parents of a girl who was shot in her home late last month. they shade everyone needs to learn to defend themselves in case of an attack. >> a lot of people feel like this would never happen to them. that's how i felt, this will never happen to me and my family, but it did, so it can happen to anyone. >> the money collected is going to the stanley family to help with expenses. in laurel, friends and family of
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a murdered come came together to celebrate her life. this was the first an butterbean softball tournament. it was also a fundraiser for the special politics. looks like butterbean there was too. we have not had to talk about rain for awhile, but it's back in the forecast. and next, the royal couple puts on a brave
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furious that their
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publishing the topless photos of princess catherine. the photos were snapped while prince williams and the princess vacationed in france. an italian paper says it too will pup lish new and previous unseen photos of the duchess sunbathing. a earthquake hit about this time yesterday morning between frederick and carroll counties. there are no reports of damage or injuries. >> we didn't feel it. >> and we were awake, too. >> but a 2.2 is pretty minor, that could be like a truck going on on the road or --
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>> you have a tough job, because trying to bet yesterday's forecast -- tough job. >> i thought it was great. i ran just a little over nine miles yesterday, fore went the nap, it was so beautiful. it you didn't get a chance yesterday, you're in luck, most of your sunday is looking good too. the rain drops are getting closer as we get closer to monday and especially tuds. early sunday morning is off to a quiet start. temperature at national airport shown there. wednesday you go north and west of the beltway it's noticeably
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cooler. it is 54 in leesburg. a cool start across most of the northern suburbs. clouds on the increase as we go through the middle and late afternoon hours. i don't think there's much of a rain threat. there will be sprinkles across parts of southern virginia and some of that could get as far north at charlottesville, culpepper, so if you're traveling south, you could run into rain drops there. there's not a lot to it. there's a lot of moisture gathering out of the gulf of mexico, and out of the midwest. this all means rain chances are going up. today, high pressure, holding
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firm here in the mid-atlantic. by tomorrow morning, a chance of light rain and sprinkles, that monday night, tuesday, and tuesday night. that looks like the best chance at substantial rains around here. bright start on the whole, highs today mid to upper 70s. most of us will spend the day in the 07s. overnight tonight, more clouds, and not quite as chilly. 55 to 665 in the morning. more likely becoming possible. tuesday, on the other hand, could be very close to wash out potential, maybe an inch to two inches potential. rain chances should be easing out of here.
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we may have to drag that rain into wednesday, and that's exactly what's happening. >> time now, 6:14, reporters look at stories affecting our community. good morning, welcome to "reporter's notebook." on the heals of the 9/11 anniversary, there is renewed concern in the washington aeroabout readiness here. transportation director for the counsel of governments says it's impossible to get anyone out of the washington region in the event of an emergency. how much progress have we made toward readiness since 9/11 in this region? >> probably awareness, certainly that is high up. that jolt on 9/11 made it clear to a lot of people that we have a problem.
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unfortunately, the performance has probably not goten much better. you know that from the experiences over the years. certain stations were not performing, the utilities had difficults getting up to speed. but as far as traffic, you're on an emergency route, coming in the same direction. if you're trying to get to fredericksburg to be safe, those people are trying to leave to be safe. >> i worked with them a lot back after 9/11 on the issue of emergency preparedness. and the problem was the lack of communication with the jurisdictions. that was supposed to have been corrected. how much that has been
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corrected, pat, is still in question. the biggest question i have seen, the biggest problem is evacuation. and they don't have to come up with a plan welcome you're stay in place and be safe, or have a better evacuation system from downtown. >> i have been trained as a first responder, and you're absolutely right. the reality is that most people end up not being able to get out. particularly if you live in the district of columbia, because primarily we have to go across bridges. so what i think is the solution is that more people need to be trained as first responders, two, that people ought to be prepared for at least two weeks. two weeks worth of food and medicine, to shelter in place.
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in your home, be prepared. and you can go online and find out what you need. now it sounds drastic, but, what everybody has said here, that's what we should be doing. >> yes, remember after world war ii, that was a must. they had information telling you what you needed in that type of shelter. but still, in lieu of what joe is saying, i'm concerned about mobileization downtown. if something happens, people will be locked in. there's no plan that i've heard of to get people to move out of the major kcorridors.
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>> in the district, campaign finance troubles and a matter of missing money have dominated the news. there is reportedly $100,000 missing from mike browne. he says the money was stolen, his campaign managers says he didn't steal it. >> $113,000. it's a he said she said, no one has been arrested. investigation going on, it's mayor, it's brown, thompson, and now michael brown. i understand that he's down to $18,000, like bare bone treasury. so i guess we can't do anything but wait and see. >> what this really emphasizes is the lack of enforced regulations, whatever regulations there were, what rules were these people playing
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under? how can this money be suddenly missing? how are they going to find out in how did we get to this point? they have passed new rules, but the old saying the horse is out of the barn -- >> and it's gotten pretty personal. >> michael brown is saying i didn't steal it, and we talk about accountable, there was always people asking accountability, and campaign funds being spend, and that's what you need. you hit it on it dave when you talk about rules or laws that come out of the board of elections, and that has to do with accountability. that money should be counted for dime by dime, and not just say
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hey, take $25,000 and give it to those people over there. there has to be a better -- >> what i don't understand, and that is, i would think that there would be reporting done on a periodic basis or a quarterly basis by all of the candidates as it relates to expenditure. >> i believe there is. >> then the question is, how does $113,000 all of a sudden come up missing. >> the critics would say someone is cooking the books. >> the investigation for brown lying on a bank application. the prosecutor wanted to seal information about the sentencing, what is that all about? >> they're holding it up to see if they can get more information from mr. browne about play for pay and various campaign and other moral corruption
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violations. this could be worrisome for people who have something to worry about. if brown, or anybody involved, has been mentioned in news stories start talking more than they have been. that could possibly be bad for somebody else and we're waiting for the answers to come out. >> browne is like a beacon in the ogs, he can be squeezed. he doesn't want to go to jail. the authorities feel that there is more corruption, more to investigate in the district of columbia. >> and to answer your question directly, they wanted it sealed because in essence, they don't want to give people who might be squeezed, who might be named, a heads up, so let's keep it quiet, and someone said, and you're absolutely right, that brown is the kind of person that doesn't want to spend a day in jail, he certainly doesn't want
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a large fine, so he might -- if anybody has done anything wrong, they're saying you better get to the fbi and not walk but run.
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welcome back, drivers that are using 66 were seeing red. brand new red colored lanes on the 6.5 mile stretch all the way to route 50. they're on the far right shoulder lanes, and it's a red color brink. it's a special high friction surface coating designed to improve the flow and help drivers see which lane they're supposed to be in. >> yeah, normally you don't get
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on the shoulder unless you're exiting, now you can use the shoulder during morning and p.m. drive periods. they hope this will increase the flow. people are already using it when they shouldn't. the question is how much will it really help, but they're desperate. they just need more space, and they're trying it out to see how it works. >> if you drive i-66, and every now and then i got up that way. i can see people going off the road now to these lanes, and it seems to sad to some of the unsafe congestion. we have a campaign on aggressive driving, we need to get back to that because i could see aggressive drivers using these
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lanes very unsafely. but it does open the door for people that drive in those lanes and they won't get a ticket. >> they don't have any excuse, it's bright red. it's card of hard to miss. here you have a bright red lane, and i imagine officers have a great time county you see this lane, it's red. and it's a high friction lane, so you will know when you're on it. >> in laurel, maryland this past week, a videotape of a beating of a handcuffed man by the city police. it has called for a federal information. they're asking for the department of justice to
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investigate, what are your thoughts about that request? is this a case that you think requires that level? >> he was handcuffed and according to the report, he was beaten. the naacp is going to look into it, i'm sure people are sensitive about police brutality. by the mere fact that the man was handcuffed and they beat him. >> this is does tushing. it's happened before in various jurisdictions here and other places in the country and the naacp wants a full investigation, and the least the authorities can do is look at it very closely. there may be, they may, someone
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may offer a defense that i was being attacked or there was something said but the fact remains that we don't know for sure. >> and he's going to be charged, has been charged with resisting arrest. but to answer your request, the justice department has to look at that. there was a common straudemonst it's not just the fbi they want to look at this but the mayor and council, and we're taking it seriously and if we have bad apples, we want to get them out. so the mayor is responding in a way that i think is appropriate.
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you're going to have to get -- it cost montgomery county a pretty penny. >> as you say, the police insist, or at least in preliminary reports say he was resisting arrest. >> resisting arrest is one thing, but if you're handcuffed, that's a different thing. >> bike sharing could be expanded in montgomery county. there are two bills they're considering right now. one would secure money that developers are now paying into the transportation fund for procuring of county permits more quickly and inexpensively. and the other would pay for docking stations.
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bike sharing has become very popular in this area. >> yes, in the district and in alex s alexandr alexandria. these places are becoming a little more urbanized. and bike sharing is a thing that's very popular. >> i'm not making a case for anybody, but the question is, i think a lot of people might be surprised that they weren't taxed, that they're moving in with a tax now. the other thing, is will people who operate these concessions, say the attacks will kill my business, and people will say no it won't. they're both arguments. >> it hasn't, and it is going to happen, and it is very popular.
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we have too bikes and cars on the same road, so next to come be l will be bike lanes. and now from washington's leading news station, this is news 4, today. >> rage and riots this morning, a new alert for some americans abroad, and one country says no to a u.s. request to send in marines. welcome. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell has our forecast. >> good morning to you and good sunday morning to everybody. if you're up early, you may want a little extra layer of warmth.
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it's a beautiful picture, but it's awfully chilly first thing this morning. it's upper 40s and lower 50s around here. ashberg at 55 degrees. the redskins are in st. louis today, playing in a dome today. there are rain showers right along the virginia and north carolina border. those will stay to the south. sprinkles in virginia and west virginia. most of us will be dry throughout the day. the chances are wrapping up. al qaeda is praising the
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violence and anti-american sentiment and calling for more attacks targeted american diplomats. and now there is a travel warning for americans in the individual. individualing living in tunisia, sudan, and yemen to be on alert. sudan denied a u.s. request so send marines to help secure the embassy there. the vie lance began over a film shot here in the u.s. the creator has gone into hiding. breaking news out of afghan this morning, four nato soldiers killed from an attack on police. this is the third straight day of deadly violence against u.s. or international forces by insider attacks or terrorists organizations. prince harry insists he is
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saying in afghanistan after a deadly attack at the fort where he is stationed. word has it that the prince was just a few yards away from where the attack took place. there were four british soldiers. >> this morning, we're areaihea about a home grown terror plant. a teenager that tried to set off a car bomb at a downtown chicago bar. he is a u.s. citizen who lives in a chicago suburb. the fbi started monitoring him after he wrote online about killing americans. his neighbors are shocked about the news. >> that's not -- i don't know. they're a good family, the kids
6:35 am
two boys, two girls, we're neighbors -- >> so agents say no one informs harm's way. they provided the teen with a fake bomb. also in chicago, a week long teacher's strike to end today. if they approve it, chicago's 350,000 public school students could be back in the classroom as earl will as tomorrow. delegates could ask for a 24 hour review. they agreed to the blank wage in the contract and u they worked out job security, pay, and teacher evaluations. >> in a texas base, many female recruits accused males of sexual harassment.
6:36 am
a woman is now in charge at the air force base in san antonio. six former instructors have been charged with rain or similar crimes. the washington postreports that a minnesota boy died last week after contracting a disease after undergoing treatment. 17 patients have been affected since last ought. a single patient carrying the bug arrived at the hospital and they have not been able to contain it. and there has ban misplaced radio active cylinder. the 7 inch cylinder contained
6:37 am
radio active materials. there's no extra danger, but it's still a good idea for people not to get too close to it. >> the time right now is 6:36. some alarming research, what could put woman at a grater risk could p[ male announcer ]er risk for the dreamers...
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for the achiever in you.
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this week, we have been showing you scenes like this one across the middle east, africa, and now beyond. angry violent protests aimed at the u.s. sparked by an anti-islamic film.
6:41 am
joining us now to talk to us about how this could shape the race for the white house. this seemed like a quick reaction to a youtube video, now it's an anti-american and anti-western time movement. how does the u.s. respond? >> that will be a good question for us this morning. the question about containment is critical right now. this is about more than just a film. this is a transition to democracy, figuring out who they want to be, how they want to be covered, t governed. the notion that this kind of outbreak occurs and you don't see outrage when they're killed every day, this is a sorting out that the middle east is going
6:42 am
through. . but, it is becoming a huge foreign policy challenge. how exactly does the united states contain it when we don't have as much leverage as we would like. >> and mitt romney came out very critical of president obama's reaction for the killing of the u.s. ambassador in libya. one of his advisors say if mitt romney was president this would not be happening. now effective is a statement like that. >> i think they are regretting how quickly they acted. there was a sense that was what called for at that moment was solemn recognition of loss. and the ambassador and three others in libya. beyond that there is a debate about what president obama's policy after the arab spring was apparent. what that has created, should the united states be doing more.
6:43 am
i think that is a debate that romney would like to have. and it's a dicey business when you talk about is this would not happen if i informs office, it's hard to prove and not many details. >> you still see romney talking about the recent use of defense cuts, will we see that take more center stage as an issue in the wake of the recent attacks? a september surprise, you know, the idea that foreign policy inserting itself into the national and presidential debate, and if this which is leman moment for romney. they fell around this time in september 2008 and it turned out a be a negative moment for john
6:44 am
mccain in the race. we're going into the debates as well. >> as we talked before, mitt romney wants the focus to stay on the economy. but when things like this come up, how does he make his way back? >> he has to do a lot of things at once. i think it's appropriate, and i think americans should want to see the debate. and in such a delicate time, you have this kind of anti-american protests. >> and coming up on "meet the press." you are talking about a very touchy relationship. >> yes, we have benjamin netanyahu, and susan rice. what is the administration happening -- >> yes, it's like going to the
6:45 am
mall with justin bieber with these guys. this issue of how to avoid if fiscal clief is quiff is quite interesting. this was time well spent. they're critical of president obama and mitt romney. and let's turn our eyes now to the weather, hoping for another spectacular day. we're all hoping, keep hope alive for another beautiful day like yesterday. today is looking just fine, but there are rain chances sneaking
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a new study shows that women post menopausal women with type two diabetes have a better chance at developing pres can-- breast cancer. a small-town church is causi causing controversy with a new sign that references the new book "fifty shades of grey." the book is considered an erotic romance website and they hope it leads people from the book to the church. >> we wanted to say this is what the culture is saying about love, romance, and sex, but what
6:50 am
does god say about it? >> the pastor says it's time to talk about controversial subjects like sex because they come back to the church. >> all right, so we're praying, i pray every time i come in here and sit between you two. >> geez, did you even see the bus coming? >> yeah. yesterday was a ten out of ten, today will be an 8.5 or nine. clouds on the increas today, but they're leading to a beautiful picture first thing early this morning. a nice little golden glow.
6:51 am
a nice looking day today, off to a cool start though. 61 now at national airport. our average low temperature this time of year is 62, so we're close. some of the western suburbs got noticeably cooler, dry air allowed 50s on the west part of the map. so for today, a nice sunny cool start this morning. we should stay in the 50s and 60s through 10:00 this morning, and they'll we'll jump into the 70s. most of us in the 70s a few 80s, so rain on the radar around us, but there is some in virginia this morning just about as close as the southern parts of
6:52 am
charlottesville, richard, if you're driving today south along i-95 you could see a little moisture. there are sprinkles back across west virginia and kentucky. those are inching their way in our direction, but the dry air mass in place should be able to eat most of those up. that's the reason for my optimism. not much of a rain threat today, but that will not stay the case. sunshine will fade out between some late day clouds. here we are at 7:30 this morning. maybe a few predawn sprinkles, but not much of a wet community first thing. the rain will be inching up the mountains could bring heavy rain by late tomorrow, and into
6:53 am
tuesday, and tuesday will be a mess around here. we ready for that tuesday community, it could be ugly. so a bright start and a cool day coming. tonight, extra clouds means not quite as chilly. 55 to 65 tomorrow morning, and the all important seven-day forecast. nice and middle today, middle again tomorrow, but a 60% chance of rain by some point tomorrow. and strong thunderstorms possibly on tuesday morning and tuesday night. and it will pull out by the morning drive time on wednesday. on twitter @chuckbell4 is the choice. >> this morning, one community is helping abandon dogs and people that once found themselves home less. people used to live on the streets with shelter dogs.
6:54 am
the animal shelter was full, and the animals immediated a home or they had to put down. >> i feel what he felt, okay? he needed the love that i needed when i was out there, okay? before i was rescued. >> during the six week program, the foster owners have classes. >> this is ridiculous. so people really cannot wait to get their hands on the new iphone 5, they're lined up. people set up camp outside of the apple store. it doesn't hit store shelves until friday. some 10 million new iphones will be sold. all of the revenue could add half a percent to the nations
6:55 am
economic growth. >> it could be awhile until the capitals or any nhl hits the ice. they could not reach an agreement on the collective bargaining agreement. the season is scheduled to start in about three weeks. >> the nationals are fighting to keep the best record, and they are feisty, especially for ca carroll maloney. >> game two between the nationals and the braves. this is knocked down by edwin jackson, he throws to first but he was called safe. not the best call, johnson gets ejected for the first time this season. they have now dropped two
6:56 am
straight to the braves. a rally in the fourth quarter, puerto rico ri hills rushes in to make the a 24-21 game, and with 25 seconds to go, hills pass, intenned for boykins sails long. and today, at 4:00, robert griffin iii look to improve to 2-0 when they visit the st. louis rams. >> the reddskins could be missing a key plaider today. pierre garcon hurt his foot in their week one win. a seagull in fran took the
6:57 am
term birds eye view to heart. he flew for awhile before realizing that it was not food. they found the camera in tact and with this video on it. >> where did they find it? >> i'm sure the bird just dropped it. those are great cameras. >> my daughter still thinks it's food. >> oh yeah? >> yeah, and cell phones and everything.
6:58 am
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7:00 am
under fire, this morning, a new alert to american's abroad. al-qaeda praising the attacks targeting u.s. diplomats and calling for more violence. i'm richard government. yes, chuck bell is right here, and ready to deliver the good news, he's on a roll. >> i would agree, last week was a beautiful week outside, plaent of dry weather. now we need to start catching up on our rainfall, so as a result,
7:01 am
there is rain back in the forecast, but not for today. i would not let it rain on your weekend, but it's not up to me so to speak. a nice looking morning outside, temperatures are the in 50s for most. most everybody is ins this morning. they're talking about the upper 40s this morning in martinsberg. there are rain drops along the -- those sprinkles in west virginia should be eaten up by the dry air we have in place. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. and tomorrow, showery weather moves in, some sprinkles tomorrow, but most of the rain on tuesday. >> four nato soldiers were killed this morning on an
7:02 am
insider attack been an afghan police officer. they were trying to stop an i s attack. >> the state department has issued travel warnings for americans in tunisia, sudan, and yemen. it is being said that it was a carefully executed attack and they're looking for 50 suspects. and trying to figure out who is responsible for this. shooting out car windows with a bb gun. more than two dozen cars were hit over the weekend near a islamic center. police say this is no evidence is was a hate crime. >> those are just some stories making news today. >> and we'll be back in a few minutes, another update.
7:03 am
>> good morning, welcome to "viewpoint." the cost of college is constantly climbing, and more students and their parents are funding community college to be a better higher education investment. the washington area made wonderful community colleges, one of them is prince georgia. we have the college's eighth president, thank you for joining us. >> it's delightful to be here. >> it was just published that college is not worth it for many people. how do you respond to that? >> i respond by saying college is indeed worth it. we know if we look at the current job market and the future job market that many industries are saying they're looking for future employees who have more than a high school
7:04 am
diploma, and have some post secondary credentials, so they can take skills, talents, and abilities to be productive in the workplace and in the community. >> according to the education department, the average tuition has climbed. as you know, most states have had to cut their higher education spending, how has that impacted prince georges? >> we're very aware of the cost of education and the ability of the people we serve to pursue education. so we work very hard to keep our tuition low. as you know, community colleges are probably the best value that you can receive in higher education. not just in maryland but across the united states of america. we're one-half of the cost of a four-year university, and a third of the cost of a private
7:05 am
institution in the state. >> and arnie duncan says not only do states need to make community colleges higher budgetary priority, but students need to be smart consumers. >> if you look at it from a financial perspective, we know they are. we recognize the cost and the value. and they can transfer to a four-year institution with all of their credits moving with them, they can move into the world of work, and as they think about continuing to pursue, they can take advantage of any employer tuition reimbursement programs. so we believe their good consumers that way. and i think they're beginning to understand that looking at the associates degree, and using that as an avenue to produce
7:06 am
income for their families and do it in such a way that they can work and attend college. when you think about us being almost 24 hours a day, even cays a week, you look at face to face and online learning, and many of us operate on saturdays and sundays. >> you have more than 44,000 students and you're bursting at the seams. >> we are, we had, probably over the last three years or so, about a 30 account increase in enrollment. they're two vieds of our educational offerings. credit course where's they're pursuing tcertificates, and shorter-term training that will put them right into the workforce. there are some students
7:07 am
interested in lifelong learning. >> the job training component is critical these days. students copping out of high school have to do something to make a living that could go on to a four year university, get a college degree. >> i think what you also have to look at is that we live in a day and time when student's lives don't just exist on a college campus. probably about 70% of our students are working at least 20 hours a week. they're saying they understand the importance and value of an education, but they also understand the importance and value of bringing home an income so they can be productive in their communities. so we try to ensure we keep costs low.
7:08 am
that we have faculty that understand the intellectual level being in college and how to apply it every day. many of them are working in the field, so they can talk about what it means to move into that particular industry. >> aren't many of your sfuare s that can't afford to go on to a four-year college, and they need job training? >> community colleges are a quicker route to get into the job market, but we recognize that's just an entry point. we don't want students to stop with a sixth month training program or one year training program. what we want them to understand is that this is a stepping stone. so it allows you to come in, take short-term job training, get the skills you need, move it to that industry, and always
7:09 am
continue to think about how you can do more and do better as you continue to pursue your education. >> all right, dr. dukes is our guests this morning. we'll continue our talk with her.
7:10 am
7:11 am
welcome, we're talking to c. charlene dukes. >> it has impacted me and all of the community colleges in mars an across the nation. i think there are previous presidents that talk about it but we need to make sure that america retains it's place as number one, being the most highly educated nation in the world, and what he said is
7:12 am
community colleges, you're educating more than half of the students that are enrolled in the nation's institutions of higher education. and we see that you have a role to play here in ensuring that we want to reach that number one spot. >> and prince georges, you have been identified as a champion of change, thanks to a program that is the first of it's kind in the state of maryland. >> right, it's the academy of health sciences. it's a partnership between the colleges and the prince georges public schools. a year ago, we admitted 100 students who are 9th graders. they are interested in pursuing some time of education. some want to be nurses, other pediatricia
7:13 am
pediatricians, lab technicians, they're taking their lab and high school courses simultaneously. so when that class graduates from high school in the year 2015, they will also receive an associates degree. >> so it's a pilot program, is it likely to be expanded? we know that people are interesting in do doing it, and how students are paying for it. it is a program that is free to those student that's are enrolled in it. that their parents are not enrolled for the tuition. that is part of the financial part between the college and public school system. >> you had a major expansion on campus? tell us about it. >> the center for health studies.
7:14 am
it really is a state of the art facility with all of the applicable technology that will ensure that as we educate people who are interesting in health care and want to go out and work in the various health care fields, than on campus they will have experience working in a setting similar to a hospital or clinic. there are 26 labs, all outfitted to look like hospital rooms, and with have mannequins that cry, show pain, and do everything that a human body would do. >> you have had to expand your facility because of your enrollment, but let me ask you this. you don't all offer the same. is that how you compete? how do you compete? >> i think we compete in a
7:15 am
couple of ways, one certainly is a programmatic offerings. there are some you will not find other places. there will be programs in health care, but there may be a particular focus in health care that does not exist at another community college. we also agree to collaborate together. so there is some programs we offer, for instance, cyber security where the lab may be at another institution, but the students are in a classroom at prince george and accessing that lab. we also understand we have to work together. >> i imagine that the cyber security classes are packed. they are pretty popular. and we start very early explaining to students in elementary school and middle school what it means to have a security clearance.
7:16 am
and the things you believe you may do today could certainly affect you when you want to work for the government or in this particular area, so that we start out by talking about security clearances, help students understand this whole feel of the cyber terrorism, and we know how connected we are to energy. it seems like every other month, i'm getting a virus because i open the wrong program on my computer. >> we're all learning the hard way, aren't we? some community colleges, for example santa monica are charging more for some courses to accommodate the students that can't get into the crowded classes are you doing or considering that? >> no, we understand that the
7:17 am
community in which we reside, session something people tomt pursue, and in many cases financially they just can't afford it. they're not eligible for pell grants or grants, and we want them to just take out the amount of loan money they need to pursue their education. the boar of trustee social security very concerned about keeping it low. >> but you have lines and waisting lists? >> we do, and the way that we try to handle that is we have classes that start at various times during the semester. if you sign up early, you could be taking a 10-week, or 12-week class. we're starting classes every two weeks or so so you can take advantage of them. >> we'll continue our talk on "viewpoint" in just a minute
7:18 am
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hi, here are some of the stories that we're following right now this morning. we're starting with more than two dozen cars hit with a pellet gun over the weekend. this happened in a several mile radius. police say there is no evidence and it was a hate crime. a man is dead after being hit by a car in prince george's county. the driver stayed on the scene and has not been charged. and the community coming together to try to prevent future attacks against women. it was far the of a fundraiser to help the parents of a 17-year-old who was shot to
7:20 am
death in her home last month. welcome back, we're talking about prince george's community college, and we are talking about how you compete for students, how do you get the best faculty members to come to prince georges to work? >> it's because of the programs, the environment that we create, certainly it's about salaries and in some cases, they mirror other community colleges and in one or two cases, it doesn't. it really is about the at most fear and the environment that we create for faculty that allows them to be innovative, creative, and allows them to give back in ways to their community they might not otherwise have the opportunity to do. >> financial aid, is it any easier to get for community college than for a four year
7:21 am
university? >> it's amazing, for along as we talk about federal financial aid, for as long as the pell grant and some of these programs have been around, we still have first generation parents and students that don't know how to apply for financial aid. this year, the department of education changed some of the regulations. they're saying students need to attend college and complete their degrees. so going from being available for 10 semesters of financial to 18 semesters. so we're saying stay on path, stay focused, take the courses you need and make sure you're successful in those courses. your financial aid has the potential to run out if you're moving along a little too slowly. >> is there other advice you can give to students and parents looking for money? >> there's a number of nonprofit
7:22 am
organizations, that help you find that money. you can do it at the career officers at your high school, you can do it in the libraries, and you can even come over to the college and sit with our financial aid staff, and they will talk to you. many of us have payment plans, you can pay as you go. we allow you to put a certain percentage down, and every month we will extract those dollars from your checking or savings account. >> and a lot less likely they'll come out of the school -- with a deep debt. >> we do encourage students only borrow what you need. let's look at the true cost of education, and then let's package your reward and only
7:23 am
borrow what you need. because if you're going to transfer, you know you're going to transfer to an institution that will probably cost you twice as much as prince george's community college, so how do you manage your finances to be able to afford that. >> you have very impressive storie stories, tell us about some of them. >> one of the things we have been proud of is five of our students won the cook scholarship. that, offered by the jack cook foundation has been in existence for ten years or so. and they only award 60 community colleges from across the nation. five of our students have received the undergraduate scholarship of $30,000 a year, and two of the five have received the graduate
7:24 am
scholarship, which is another $30,000 to help them move through graduate studies. so we're very proud of that, very proud of that. >> you're also participating in, we mentioned, the university, the school being part of the white house champions of change program, but you're also talking pa part in the president's entertain and community challenge. what does that involve? >> it is really commenting our commitment to a community of volunteer service. for years we had the volunteer income tax assistance program on campus where low income families or seniors can get tax preparations for free. and we train people to do that. our children are in high schools and they send books to low income communities, and it's our
7:25 am
way of saying we're right there with the obama administration and we understand commitment to service. yesterday, as we celebrated in memory of those who died on 9/11, i talked about the fact that service is the rent we pay for our time on this earth, and that our students can be bigger then themselves when they then th[ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
7:26 am
and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
7:27 am
welcome back, we're talking with charlene dukes, and this will be your 20th year to host the bluebirds blues festival. what's new this year? >> it's 20 years, so we have gone all out, along with our sponsors, and as you well know, nbc 4 is one of our sponsors. you'll have clarance carter.
7:28 am
>> what amazes me is that this festival is always packed, it doesn't matter what the weather is, it can rain, and people still come out to this festival every year and it's always so well attended. why is it so popular? >> i think because there is a love for this kind of music. i think the people understand the role of the community college in prince george's county, and it's not just about educating students but it's about serving the community where we reside, and this is one of the things that has been so popular that we decided to do it every year. sometimes programs come and go, but this one will be with us for some time. >> yes, you're so very active
7:29 am
and involved in the community, and you mentioned our partnership, you also hosted our community shreds. >> yes, we had it just last saturday, and i believe that almost 3,000 cars came through with anywhere from one to five boxes of personal items. >> those have become very popular. many organizations are offering this because people really appreciate being able to go some place and dump their documents. >> right, because of identity theft, and you want to be secure. and with the partnership when you and shred it, people can be assured when they come through and dump the boxes, their identity is safe. >> in 2011, you were recognized
7:30 am
as one of the 100 most powerful women, what's next for you? >> i am just committed to what i do. i grew up in a family that was committed to education, and my parents wanted us to do better than they were able to do. so i believe that i'm very humble. i tell people that who i am is the second child of charles and doris. i serve people. and that's what i hope to do as long as i can. >> and what would you say is at the top of your wish list for the next year? >> i think at the top of the wish list for the next year is to continue to have the resources necessary to serve not just 44,000 students, but 47,000 next year. >> thank you for joining us. it's been a pleasure. >> thank you. >> thank you for joining us on "viewpoint." stay with us now as news 4 today
7:31 am
continues. a wave of violence springing up across the global. this morning, americans abroad are being put on alert. good morning and welcome. >> we have a beautiful start to this sunday. >> that's right, let's see if things will stay that way. chuck bell is in storm center four with details for us. >> good morning to you. sunday morning is here, not a bad looking start to the day. a vail of midand high level clouds moved in while you were sleeping last night. you will get. plenty of sunshine through this cloud deck, a lot of color out there. temperatures are on the chilly side, especially west of i-95.
7:32 am
52 as you get down towards warrant and culpepper. if you're driving south today along 81, or 85, there are rain drops waiting for you. sunny and cool this morning, a warm and pleasant day on the whole. clouds will continue to thicken as go through the remainder of the day, and i can't rule out a few sprinkles towards charlottesville. that story will begin to chance as we go through the day tomorrow. a mostly dry start on monday, but rain chances for monday, and a possibility of a stormy tuesday as well. all of that is just in a few more minutes. >> chuck, thanks. this morning, the state
7:33 am
department issued travel warnings for americans abroad. they're being told to leave unless they're essential government personnel. police have identified at least 50 suspects in the deadly attack on the u.s. concentrate late. he told nbc news that foreigners were involved and helped plan the attack. >> i have no doubt about this. it was a preplanned attack. libya's president also says police have arrested at least four people and that police are on the hunt for other possible suspects. as for the filmmaker mind tbehi movie, he is in hiding. he was dropped off at an undisclosed location and they don't know where he is now. >> this morning, what some thought initially to be a hate
7:34 am
crime, just just a vandalism spree. vandals shot out car windows with a bb gun. >> the windows of this car were shot out by a bb or pellet gun, it was parked in front of an islamic center. this volvo wrongs to a member. >> even if they were trying to target muslims, they missed the mark. >> four cars were vandalized in front of the mosque setting off fears of a hate crime. but place say it appears to be random. >> there is no toereason to bele this is a hate crime. >> after hearing about the
7:35 am
vandalism, many people came by to support the members of the mosque. >> a mosque in virginia was vandalized in what is being called a hate crime. they want to offer a $1,000 reward for information in these cases. >> this church, all of us together, we're one, and we'll not tolerate any crime against any part of our communities. >> as a result, the police say they're stepping up patrols in the area and taking additional security measures, although they won't say what those issues are. so what do these incidents, particularly the ones overseas mean for the race for the white house. david gregory joins us and said that the riots are bringing
7:36 am
obama's foreign policy up for debate. >> it was questioned what it created. should the united states be doing more, and i think that's a debate mitt romney would like to have. the. >> ongoing protests are continuing, and susan rice will discuss the united states role in the protest. you can catch meet the press right here at 10:30. >> the gop white house candidates are trying to refocus their campaign shifting back to domestic and financial concerns. paul ryan informs florida and told the crowd that president obama's economic policies have failed and he is pushing america toward financial ruin. >> the federal reserve is coming with a new bailout. this matters. so the federal reserve is
7:37 am
basically saying we don't have the a recovery. and now they're copping with their bail out. >> romney and ryan are facing a uphill battle in florida. the latest poll has the president five points ahead of them in the key battleground state. >> a man died after a car hit anymore prince georges county. police shut down that road during their investigation but it has reopened, the victim died at the hospital and the driver has not been charged. as police continue to search for suspects, the community came together to try to prevent future attacks against women. the full circle martial arts
7:38 am
academy held a self defense class. instructors from the academy say awareness is the best way to defend yourself from an attack. >> the discipline, the awareness aspect. i'm very aware of my surroundings if i'm going into a shopping market, or school, crime is taking place everywhere. just be aware of your surroundings and the environment. >> the money collected is going to the stanley family to help with expenses. friends and family of a murdered mars would came together to celebrate her life. this was the first annual butterbean softball tournament. she was murdered last year while in law school. her neighbor and classmate has been charged with her murder.
7:39 am
a day after a deadly attack, prince harry saying he is staying in afghanistan no matter what. he was a few yards away from an assault on camp basteion. the taliban made it clear they will target harry as long as he is in afghanistan. federal agents foil a lot in chicago. they arrest adel doud. the u.s. citizen is accused of trying to set off a car bomb at a downtown bar. prosecutors charge him with trying to use weapons of mass destruction. >> also in chicago, a week long teachers strike could end today.
7:40 am
union delegates will discuss an agreement today. students could be back in the classroom as early as tomorrow. they skould for a 24 hour review. late last night the representatives and school board agreed to the language in the contract, they worked out the major sticking tonights that include job security, pay, and teacher evaluations. >> major changes in texas at an air force base with a history of sexual harassment charges, now has a woman leading. the base base has seen close to 40 women with claims of sexual abuse or harassment. six former instructors were charged with rain or other crimes. the time right now is 7:40, are you up yet? it is a starbucks fan's dream. can't wait to hear about this
7:41 am
one. this woman says she lost a ton of weight by eating all of her meals there. next, the royal couple puts on a brave face, why the
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
. welcome back, the today show is next. let's get a preview. jenna wolf is joining us live from new york. good morning to you, coming up on a very special sunday morning, celebrating a big birthday here, we're going to cover all this morning's top news stories, but we're celebrating 25 years of weekend today. we're going to look back at historic events we covered over the years and we'll have a little fun remembering the lighter moments as well. there were plenty of them. many of your favorite co-hosts from the distant to most recent past are here for a special reunion. that and more right here on today. tune in.
7:45 am
>> congratulations, that will make for some fun tv, can't wait. >> definitely, thanks. >> the owner of an irish paper says he will shut down the paper because they publishes the photos of a topless princess katherine without him knowing. despite the legal ramifications, an italian papers say they will pup lish new and unseen photos of her topless. a new study show that's postmenopausal women with type two diabetes have a higher risk of breast cancer. the study showed these women were 27% more likely to have the disease. they suggest working ought and
7:46 am
avoiding alcohol to avoid the risk of diabetes. you may remember jared, the man who developed his weight eating at sub way. now we have a woman that says she dropped 85 pounds eating at starbucks. >> every coffee shop has it's regulars, but this woman calls this alexandria starbucks her second home. she eats all of here meals here, and she says it helped her lose nearly 85 pounds in two years. losing weigh is hard. >> she said she did it be counting calories and starbucks puts the nutrition information on their foods. >> a lot of people look at the
7:47 am
top shelf and they think it's muffins and fattening things. she starts with oatmeal and coffee, and for lunch it's a sandwich. >> to get the pro teen every now and then, that's a ham and cheese. and registered dietitian says she may have trouble maintaining her diet. she warns that if hall is not careful, she could suffer from malnutrition. >> when you eliminate entire food groups or you are only at one restaurant, it's difficult to meet your needs. >> but she says she's feeling better than ever. >> i used to attribute some of my aches and pains to ageing, i
7:48 am
have no medical issues, i feel like a kid again. >> i think she looks great. >> she looks wonderful. that's got to be expensive though. >> yeah, and i like the pumpkin muffin they have now -- >> that's pry not on the diet list, right? >> no, you need to get on the bike. >> speaking of miles, this guy ran nine yesterday. ran nine yesterday. >> yes, that's like 1,000 this message. experiences classrooms. sizes don't matter... by 20%. teaching to some test... he personally cannot relate to. education, children.
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
. some people really cannot
7:52 am
wait to get their hands on the new iphone five, they're already lined up. the new smart phone doesn't hit stores until friday. some 10 million new iphones will be sold this week alone. all of the revenue could add half a percent to the nation's economic growth. >> if you felt the earth shake in eastern maryland, it was not your imagination. a 2.2 earthquake hit this time yesterday morning. will are no reports of damage or injuries. and 2.2 is like feeling a big truck go buy. >> yes, and if you were sleeping, you slept through it. and those iphone 5 people are crazy. do they know how early it will
7:53 am
be? >> seems a little early, but you never know. they need an app on their current iphone that tells them it will be raining. the bulk of our rain this week will be coming up on tuesday, and tuesday night. luckily we're in want front half of wednesday when fringes dry out. and as you get towards wednesday, as it moves up the coast. for now, your sunday morning is up to a very nice and very quiet start. we have cloudiness out this morning that dimmed out some of our early morning sunshine, but there is nowhere near the wind we had yesterday. the winds are calm now and it's an even 61 degrees. a very is shillly start out west of i-95 this morning.
7:54 am
it's down to mid40s now, and low to mid-50s, and most of the suburbs around 60. so we have the sunshine out there, i just looked out the window, and there are plenty of bright blue spots. it will be a warm and pleasant day, clouds will lower and thicken into this afternoon and this evening. not a lot of threat, but if your travels take you towards tides water, virginia, the rain will be part of your afternoon forecast. keep that in mind. the bulk of the whoistumoisture to the west. it will be pinched up the sea board by a fairly strong cold front. so that's all combining forces to take our sunshine away. on the whole, i think you will
7:55 am
like today. it's a sunday, and i think most of this will be dry. by late tonight, a chance for sprinkles well down to the south about the richard to charlottesville line. that's where i think the rain will be today. could get early morning sprinkles here tomorrow, but i think most of your monday rain chances will be stacked up in the second part of the day. at 9:00 tomorrow night, that moisture pushing our direction. then look at that big push of moisture copping our way. this line of showers with embedded stronger thunderstorms, some that could be severe, arrive tuesday afternoon. clouds increasing, yes, but not much of a rain threat. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s, and tomorrow, plenty of clouds around. rain likely. shower chances really on the up and up.
7:56 am
>> tusz will be the worst of the week. i hated tuesdays growing up, i don't know why, wednesday, things will start to turn the corner. then we turn it out and turn nice and mild. let's move over to sports, the capitals season open sere less than a month away, but it looks like the caps or any other nhl team will not heat the ice any time soon. the two sides could not agree on a collective bargaining agreement, this is the second lock ko lockout for the nhl in a decade good sunday morning were your sports minute beginning with baseball. bottom six. it is knocked down by edwin
7:57 am
jackson, throws to first, but prado is called safe. perhaps not the best call. davie johnson doesn't think so, he gets ejected for the first time this season. they have now dropped two straight to the brais. to college park, andy epsol and they rush in for the ten-yard touch down to make it a 25-21 game. hills pass intended for boykins but it sails long. and today, at 4:00 robert griffin iii and the redkins look to make the 2-0 and as they visit the st. louis rams. the redskins could be missing a key player today, pierre garcon is unlikely to
7:58 am
play. he practiced a little, but he hurt his foot in last week's game. when he informs practice, he was pretty limited this week. >> i wonder if he says garcon, a touch down, please? >> they're saying that robinson, a first year, will be playing, so we'll see how it turns out, but we would like to get him back on the field. >> as long as we get another w. that's it for news 4 today. we'll be back with another local news update. >> and at 9:00 for ano
7:59 am

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